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Modular Cleanrooms: Good Enough – Or Better?
Modular Cleanrooms are not just an acceptable, but often a preferred alternative to conventional, brick-and-mortar cleanrooms due to unique, flexible capabilities:

  • Intrinsic versatility: modular rooms can be assembled, disassembled and relocated
  • Reconfiguration: modular rooms are comparatively inexpensive to retrofit and upgrade as cleanliness or other requirements change
  • Airflow control: IsoVent™ Panel Mounting system allows uniform air release to minimize particle swirling, aggregation and deposition on clean surfaces
  • Inexpensive Panel Modifications: simple on-site panel modification or replacement accommodates pass-throughs or custom air release vents, which draw clean air toward a work station or sensitive process.
  • Cost and Lead Time: A modular cleanroom gives you a customized clean environment at a fraction of the cost and time associated with a conventional cleanroom.