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Cleanroom Equipment Enclosures

Cleanroom Equipment Enclosure
36-foot long ISO Class 6 static-dissipative PVC enclosure fabricated for an automated transfer conveyor. Access/maintenance ports are built in to the sides.
Inset: Conveyor equipment in place.
Thermal Vacuum Chamber
Custom equipment enclosure for Thermal Vacuum Chamber meeting ISO Class 7 standards. This space at a university was designed to hold satellite development/testing equipment, as well as technicians. An Assembly area can be seen in an adjoining room on the left.
  • Hardwall or softwall, to meet ISO 4 to ISO 8 standards
  • Spaces can be sized to cover machinery only, or large enough to contain both equipment and personnel
  • Ceiling height flexibility to accommodate equipment
  • Versatile access openings, made to your specifications
  • Powder-coated stainless steel framework
  • Terra will work with you to assimilate utility lines from your equipment


  • Product assembly
  • Equipment maintenance and testing
  • Automated manufacturing/filling lines
  • Research activities
  • Storage/inventory
  • Contamination containment of equipment chemicals or vapors
  • Equipment protection of outside environment

Protecting costly or hazardous equipment is critical for a business or research facility. Terra can help you design enclosures that are suited to your needs. Our hardwall and softwall* components are made in many materials so you can choose the one that’s ideal for your application (see Technical Resources below).

Optional accessories to enhance the clean enclosure include: ionizing bar to neutralize static, germicidal UV illuminator to reduce contamination, dehumidification module to extend the life of equipment, and an FFU vapor-removal adaptor to control chemical vapors. Additionally, a reverse-flow fan is ideal for rooms where powders, aerosols or fine dust is generated, in order to contain environmental contaminants.

*Softwalls do not allow for air conditioning, and do not reduce sound as effectively as hardwall material.

Call us with your requirements!

Ordering Information
Equipment Enclosure Type Cat. # Price
4.5’W x 36’D x 7’H acrylic with powder-coated stainless steel frame 6601-95 Call TUI
4.5’W x 36’D x 7’H static-dissipative PVC with powder-coated stainless steel frame 6601-96 Call TUI
4.5’W x 36’D x 7’H polycarbonate with powder-coated stainless steel frame 6601-97 Call TUI
4.5’W x 36’D x 7’H vinyl shields with powder-coated stainless steel frame 6601-98 Call TUI

Doors Door options such as swing or sliding poser control modual Power Distribution Module (PDM)—Terra meets your space needs using a modular power system. This is required for any of the electrical features below that you may wish to add.
Humidifier Humidifiers & De-humidifiers for a moisture-controlled environment
Ceiling Modual Lighting, including energy- and space-saving options

Vapor-proof and explosion proof lighting

Disinfect the enclosure by controlling germicides with this UV-C lamp

Ceiling Panel covers 2' x 4' ceiling bays not occupied by fans or lights

Cleanroom Accessories
Further optimize your office space with these cleanroom features.
FAn/Filter Unit Fan/Filter units (FFU) incorporating HEPA or ULPA filters for particle control

Explosion-proof FFUs feature a non-sparking motor, mounted in a cast-iron, explosion-proof housing

Reverse-Flow Exhaust Fan/Filter Unit captures microcontaminants generated by process equipment or operations (such as milling or powder packaging) to allow safe release into a classified cleanroom.

Exhaust Fan Exhaust Fans and Ventilators for maintenance of air pressure: ionizing bar Ionizing bars neutralize surface static charges, protecting sensitive materials

Technical Resources
Hardwall Cleanroom Hardwall


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