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Cleanroom Personnel Airlocks

standard door airlock

Shown: Pressurized Smart Cleanroom Airlock with Touchscreen Control Panel

Types of Cleanroom Airlock

Non-Pressurized Airlocks
Pressurized Airlocks
Oversized, High-Speed Airlocks
Smart Airlocks

Important Note: Airlocks do not function as emergency exits; consult with your jurisdiction’s building or planning department for applicable regulations.

Non-Pressurized Airlocks

These airlocks are ready-to-install systems that allow personnel to conveniently enter and exit controlled environments with minimal airflow disturbance. The airlock provides a neutral air zone that minimizes air turbulence and other disturbances when moving between cleanrooms or other controlled environments.

  • Each cleanroom airlock is shipped fully assembled; simply connect the power cable to begin operation
  • Interlock function prevents both doors from being opened at the same time
  • Emergency release button located inside of the airlock immediately unlocks both doors in the event of an emergency (requires manual reset)
  • A bypass key-switch disables the interlock during maintenance or cleaning (the key can be removed to prevent tampering)
  • White powder-coated steel finish (304 stainless steel finish available at additional cost)
Cleanroom Airlocks, Non-Pressurized
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) Cat. # Price
52" x 44" x 90"
(1321 x 1118 x 2286 mm)
35.5" x 35" x 90"
(902 x 889 x 2286 mm)
6010-14A-AL $ 7,427
52" x 60" x 90"
(1321 x 1524 x 2286 mm)
35.5" x 51" x 90"
(902 x 1295 x 2286 mm)
6010-16A-AL $ 7,999
52" x 72" x 90"
(1321 x 1829 x 2286 mm)
35.5" x 63" x 90"
(902 x 1600 x 228 6mm)
6010-17A-AL $ 8,572

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Pressurized Airlocks

These Airlocks are equipped with a 2' x 4' low-energy EC Fan/Filter Unit, which pressurizes the airlock with HEPA-filtered air. A pressurized airlock prevents cross-contamination between two critically controlled environments, such as ISO-classified cleanrooms with varying pressure levels. Any potentially contaminated air that enters the airlock is quickly purged through the vents before personnel can proceed to the next room.

These types of airlocks provide an additional layer of security that is particularly useful for fields like biotechnology, where certain operations must be isolated from the rest of the facility to avoid compromising sensitive research materials. A pressurized airlock provides a simple solution for providing the environmental controls necessary to meet most GMP or GLP standards. For more stringent requirements, see Terra's Smart Cleanroom Airlocks.

A Pressurized Airlock includes all features listed above for the Non-Pressurized Airlocks and adds the following special features:

  • Fan/Filter Unit (FFU) with EC motor and room-side replaceable HEPA filter that purges the airlock with micro-filtered air and pressurizes the space to minimize particle influx
  • Vents positioned near the floor allow air to escape while maintaining uniform airflow
  • A continuously variable speed dial for precise control of blower speed and pressure balancing
  • FFU pressure sensor that indicates the need for HEPA filter replacement
Cleanroom Airlocks, Pressurized
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) # of FFUs Cat. # Price
52" x 44" x 107"
(1321 x 1118 x 2717 mm)
35.5" x 35" x 90"
(902 x 889 x 2286 mm)
1 6010-14A-PAL $ 10,062
52" x 60" x 107"
(1321 x 1524 x 2717 mm)
35.5" x 51" x 90"
(902 x 1295 x 2286 mm)
1 6010-16A-PAL $ 10,635
52" x 72" x 107"
(1321 x 1829 x 2717 mm)
35.5" x 63" x 90"
(902 x 1600 x 2286 mm)
1 6010-17A-PAL $ 11,208

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Oversized, High-Speed Airlock

high speed airlock
In contrast to a standard pass-through, the Oversized, High-Speed Airlock allows personnel to safely move through the airlock to the next room
An oversized airlock allows personnel to accompany large carts or equipment as it is transferred between controlled environments. These interlocked doors are specially designed to allow a single person to operate the airlock from start to finish, eliminating the need for a second person on the receiving end. This results in significant improvements in efficiency, especially when combined with the various automated accessories that allow for hands-free operation.

The UV-resistant vinyl doors and flexible PVC windows are made of cleanroom-appropriate materials, meaning they are non-shedding and easy to clean. The sealed motor provides a door travel speed of approximately 28 inches per second and can be equipped to provide up to 70 cycles per hour.

Doors are soft and lightweight, with further protection provided by the photoelectric sensors that detect objects in the door’s path. In the event of a total power loss, both doors will immediately roll up to provide a safe exit.

Oversized, High-Speed Airlock
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) Door Clearance (W x H) Cat. # Price
82" x 124" x 107"
(2082 x 3150 x 2717 mm)
63" x 83"
(1600 x 2108 mm)
6771-00-AL $ 46,682

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Smart Airlocks

The Smart Airlock system upgrade allows for automation of the various airlock functions as well as the addition of a wide range of security features. The Smart system uses a modular control board that allows you to mix-and-match different electronic options to customize the airlock for your application.

The Smart Airlock base system adds the following:

  • LED status bar above the door that glows green when the airlock is ready for use (and red when the interlock has been activated)
  • Audible alarms that warn personnel when an airlock door has been left ajar, rendering the airlock inoperable for personnel on the other side

Optional Smart modules (only available on Smart Airlocks):

  • Automatic Doors that are activated by a wave your hand using a motion-detecting panel in place of push-buttons
  • Integrated Timers that unlock/auto-open doors after a preset waiting period, allowing adequate time for the air to stabilize
  • Automated FFU Controls that monitor and maintain differential pressure
  • Security Modules that require a passcode or biometric measurements (such as an iris scan) before granting access
  • Security Cameras and Access Logs that can provide additional internal controls for compliance purposes
  • Motion Sensors that can be used to activate other components, such as lights and air showers
  • Touchscreen Control Panels that simplify programming and can relay data from remote sensors
Smart Airlocks
Smart Airlock System Upgrade call TUI

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